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Bishop’s Message

Bishop2Glad to know that St. Stanislaus Forane Church, Mala is going to launch a new website under the paternal guidance of the Parish Priest and the Assistant priests. Deeply appreciate the hard work made by the Youth in this very useful venture. The primary aim of this website, as you are well aware, is to know Jesus clearly, to love him dearly and to follow him nearly. St. Stanislaus is a young saint known for his amiableness, cheerfulness of expression and above all spiritual fervor. The youth of this parish should never forget to imbibe his ideals and values which are of timeless importance. This is a year dedicated to Consecrated Life in the Universal Church. St. Stanislaus is called mirror and model of religious perfection. At this propitious occasion, I am indeed very happy and delighted to invite the young ones who are confident and enthusiastic and above all convinced of their divine call to join priestly/religious formation to work in the vineyard of Lord. “The labourers are few” is always a signal and warning verse from our Lord of the ever remaining need of dedicated lives for the happiness of human beings and harmony of this creation. This website is a medium by which parishioners can know each other and communicate each other the godly message of faith, hope and charity. It is a divine agora where the Word of God can be proclaimed and Values of life can be transmitted. Hope this endeavor will be a zealous and sacred locus to focus in the promotion of culture of love and civilization of life. May God bless all our human and holy endeavours”

Ever yours in Jesus …                 Mar Pauly Kannookadan